How To Manage Email Sender Addresses

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To manage sender email addresses, that you use in your marketing campaigns, first go to Settings -> Senders. Alternatively, you can go to Settings -> Overview, find section Setting Checklist and click Manage to the right of Verify Senders.

Senders page with a list of senders will open. Here you can see the email, name, and authentication status for each sender.

Create a new sender

To create a new sender follow these easy steps.

  1. Click Add New Sender under the table with a list of senders or at the top right corner.

  2. Fill in the sender's email address and name and click Save.

3. Email with verification code will be sent to the entered address. Enter this code and click Confirm.

4. Once the email will be verified a new sender will appear in the table.

If you do not verify the email it will appear with the status Pending.

Edit sender

To edit the sender click on the edit icon (icon with pencil) in a row with the sender.

You can edit the sender's email address or name. If you change an email you need to verify a new one.

Delete sender

To delete the sender click on the delete icon (icon with trash) in a row with the sender.

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