How To Manage Account Information

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To manage your account information go to Settings -> Overview or click on your profile picture in the right of the header and select My Account.

Then find the My Account section at the top of the page. Here you will see the main information about your account, such as email, name, phone, time, and language settings. In order to edit these or other settings click Edit Account.

In a new window, that opens, you can see and change all the settings of your account.


All your personal information such as first and last names, email, phone, the profile picture is stored in this section.

User Interface

Here you can choose one of six existing interface languages, locale, and timezone.

You can also change interface language by clicking on your profile picture in the right of the header and selecting a language from the drop-down list.


In this section, you can change a password. Just enter a new password and confirm it.

Notifications and Email Preferences

Set up which emails and notifications you want to receive here.

Account Deletion

In this section, you can delete your account or disallow to do it.

After finishing editing the settings, click Save.

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