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How to create a Lead Nurturing automation campaign

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The Lead Nurturing automation sends an email to your subscribers every time a contact is added to the specified list you choose.

You can design several email templates that will be sent in series describing your company or an introduction to your business to guide the customer through your products and services.

You insert the campaign name and the from address as you would do in a regular campaign.

For the recipients part you have to decide if the email will be sent to all the recipients already present in that list and every new contact added or you can decide that the automation will be sent only to the new contacts added (new subscribers) by switching on or off the send only to first-time subscribers switch (see picture above).

See How To Set Up Campaign Recipients for the recipients section.

For the email design part you have to select different designs to be sent each day of the series starting the first Lead Nurturing template and following with the rest of the designs as desired. After that you get to the timing section.

On the timing section of the Lead Nurturing Series Automation Campaign you have to specify first after how many days will the next email be sent then select the week days checkbox to specify in which days this automation will be running.

On the selected day you have the possibility to either select a specified time lapse when the emails will be sent or you can specify the time lapse to be a full 24 hours.

By selecting the full day timeline the email is sent immediately after the criteria of the waiting days is met, if you select a specified time then the email will be sent only at that particular time (see picture above).

Then setup your desired time zone and as in regular campaigns you can turn on google analytics if you want to.

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