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How to publish a form on your website using DirectIQ Wordpress plugin

Baris Ergin
Written by Baris ErginLast update 1 year ago

There are many WordPress forms plugins available on the market, these plugins have their own features and capabilities. At DirectIQ we have build a dedicated plugin to help you manage your website visitors and subscribers by integrating our form with your website through DirectIQ WordPress plugin.

After you have installed and configured your DirectIQ WordPress plugin.

Go to the DirectIQ plugin menu and then click forms as in the picure below:

After that click on the Add New button on the Top-Right corner of the forms page :

On the form creation page after you have chosen the fields you would like to have in your form you need to specify a list to where your the subscribers will get registered.

You can also modify the form appearance by adding custom CSS to it and even change the messages you want displayed in the form :

After you are done setting up the form click on the Save Changes button and then your form is ready to be used:

You can copy the form shortcode and place it in your website's page where you want your subscribers to signup to your lists and that's It ! Your form is now ready .

Note: The subscription form uploads all the information every 10 minutes, so all the contacts who subscribe will be added to the selected list every 10 minutes.

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