Create A Subscription Form with Wordpress Plugin

Learn how to create an email subscription form on your website using DirectIQ Wordpress plug-in and synch your contacts real time.

Baris Ergin
Written by Baris ErginLast update 1 year ago

To create a new subscription form connected with DirectIQ is easy. First give a title to your form. This title is not visible to your visitors, so name it as you see fit. Then you need to check all four of the tabs and provide the necessary information:

Form Fields Tab


Messages Tab


Settings Tab


Appearance Tab


Then hit the SAVE button and the plugin will tell you if everything's fine or not.

All good? Now, you're ready to publish your form. You'll do it with the classic shortcode method. Go ahead and click DirectIQ > Forms on Wordpress admin sidebar menu to list all your forms and corresponding shortcodes.

Note: The subscription form uploads all the information every 10 minutes, so all the contacts who subscribe will be added to the selected list every 10 minutes.

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