DirectIQ Wordpress Plugin Installation

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Baris Ergin
Written by Baris ErginLast update 1 year ago

So you want to DirectIQ Wordpress Plugin in order to add signup forms to your Wordpress website. It's easy, just follow these steps:

1) Find and install DirectIQ Wordpress Plugin

On Wordpress admin, click Plugins then Add New. Type "DirectIQ" and hit enter. You'll see our official plugin with its lovely logo on search results. Then click Install and wait a few seconds. Now click Activate and voila.

2) Enter your API key

Now the plugin is installed it's time to set it up. Click DirectIQ then General Setup on Wordpress admin.

In order to connect the plugin to your DirectIQ account, you'll first have to get your Api Subscription Form Key from your DirectIQ dashboard and enter it on Wordpress . The link to your API key is shown on General Setup page. If somehow you're lost, you can always find the key on Integrations section of DirectIQ dashboard. Please note, there are always more than one key there. The one you need is named "Api Subscription Form Key":

Copy the key code from DirectIQ dashboard then paste it to DirectIQ>General Setup page on Wordpress admin and click Save Changes button. If everything is fine, you'll see the green CONNECTED notification on that page. Else you'll have a red warning and the option to edit / replace the code

Now you're ready to create your first subscription form.

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