Using Landing Pages To Collect Subscribers

Adding a Subscription Form to Landing Pages

Baris Ergin
Written by Baris ErginLast update 9 months ago

Landing pages are a powerful tool DirecIQ provides you to maximize your online marketing presence and grow your audience exponentially.

DirecIQ has designed a dedicated customizable Subscription Forms feature that can help you to collect subscribers to your desired list.

To add a custom form to your landing page First you need to create a Subscription Form.

Once you have created your Subscription Form You need to Create a Landing page and select a Landing page design.

Once you have selected the desired design, if you have already created a Subscription form, it will appear as a drag and drop object on the editors content tab :

IMPORTANT: If you didn't create a subscription form or copy its code then you need to save the work you did on the template to avoid loosing it and create a subscription form.

On the landing page editor click on the Content tab on the right side then Drag the Form item and position it where you desire on the landing page design.

The form has its default fields like Name, Lastname And Email, also the checkbox to accept terms and a button to submit the subscription.

This way, every person who completes the form and clicks Subscribe, will be automatically added to your list.

Note: In the landing pages form some of the fields like name last name and checkbox are not mandatory by default but can be configured to be mandatory meanwhile the Email field is always mandatory.

The subscription form uploads all the information every 10 minutes, so all the contacts who subscribe will be added to the selected list every 10 minutes.

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