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How to use Landing Page editor

Baris Ergin
Written by Baris ErginLast update 12 months ago

Our Landing Page Editor is very user friendly and easy to use.

  • On CONTENT tab selection You can select from various features and page designs to uniquely design your landing page as Adding a Title, inserting text, images, buttons, Videos, Dividers, Social network, Form , Icons and Menu.

  • On STRUCTURE tab selection You can select from various Ready-made Rows and edit your page appearance to better suit your product or promotion.

  • On SETTINGS tab selection You can Adjust page area width, Content Area left or center alignment, page background color, Content area background color, Default Font, Link Color, and Optional Properties like adding a Custom Favicon to match your brands needs.

Note: To collect Subscribers we recommend to use our Subscription Form feature, once you create a subscription form, it will appear on the landing page builder on the content section as an add-on .

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