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A general overview and tips about Landing Pages

Baris Ergin
Written by Baris ErginLast update 10 months ago

DirectIQ landing pages are standalone web pages that your list contacts or possible list contacts can “land” on when they click through from an email, ad, social media post, etc. Landing pages are typically used to achieve specific goals. Example: to promote a limited promotion or sell a specific product. All landing pages you publish are live on the web and have a unique URL, so you can share them and use them in your other campaigns and marketing products.

Landing pages on DirectIQ are an essential asset to help you grow your customer base and promote products and services. Published landing pages in DirectIQ are easy to share on the web or in email campaigns, so you can start to drive traffic to your website immediately and also collect subscribers. Landing pages are available for free to use in all of our plans.

Landing pages must have a Name and a design. After you publish your page, you can always edit the landing page name and design but not the URL.

The landing page builder doesn’t prevent you from publishing default content in your layout. We strongly recommend you preview your landing page and review your settings before you publish. To drive traffic to your page, you can share your landing pages on social media or copy your landing page URLs and share them on any social networks.

Note: Custom HTML can be used in landing pages, but in order to collect Subscribers we recommend using the Subscription Forms Feature we have integrated on our system.

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