How To Improve Deliverability

How To Improve Deliverability of a campaign

Baris Ergin
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Email interactions have been around since the beginning of internet communications and have developed exponentially bringing people and businesses closer than ever before.

DirectIQ’s main focus is to shorten those distances and bring them even closer, giving people a very strong tool to have the ability to maintain a great relationship with their customer base.

But often deliverability of mass mailing becomes an issue and some senders perform better than others.

With this article we will cover the main topics of how to have a successful campaign and improve deliverability.

Connecting DNS to your account

The most important and urgent edit you have to make to improve your delivery rates is connecting your domain to Your account.

By adding our recommended DNS entries connecting your domain, you tell the world that DirectIQ is authorized to send emails on your behalf, preventing receiving mail-servers from perceiving your emails as spam.

Email sender address

If your contacts receive an email from instead of you are perceived as a serious and trusted sender. Your contacts may reply to your email campaigns, via reply email, this is seen as a good signal and helps improve your reputation with some ISPs. In order to get those benefits you have to add a correct Email sender address.

Boost lists

The lower engagement you have, more likely your mails will end up in spam folders and sending to people who are not engaging with your email drops your engagement rate.

DirectIQ has automated this process introducing Boost Lists. Boost lists allows you to extract the very high engaging list out of your bigger list, and you'll get high engagement rates as you continue to grow your customer base, therefore get higher inbox rates.

We recommend to get a boost list and send to your boosted lists frequently, and periodically send to your larger list a promo campaign or active content to make them re-engage.

Inbox Preview

You may create a nice email template with the commodity that DirectIQ offers even from your phone or your laptop, out of office, but you may not have all devices available to check how your template will look in the inbox.We thought about that too, with inbox preview you can see how your template will appear in the inboxes of the web's most popular email clients on mobile, desktop, and web platforms.

Spam Doctor

DirectIQ provides you with a powerful tool to check whether your template has the potential to be flagged as spam, to improve your overall deliverability, check your template code against the web's most popular spam filters with Spam Doctor.

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