Managing Contact Details

How to manage contact details

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DirectIQ allows you to manage selected contact on the Contact Details page. To open this page click on the contact email or View button on the All Contacts page.

Edit contact profile

In order to change contact details click Actions in the top right corner of the page and select Edit Profile from the drop-down menu.

A dialog box for editing contact fields will open. Update contact information and click Save.

Select lists to which the contact is assigned

You can view the lists to which the selected contact belongs, as well as manage these lists in the Lists section.

Select Show All radio button if you want to see all lists or select the Show Assigned if you want to see only lists to which contact belongs. You can add a contact to the list by selecting the check box on the left of the list name or remove a contact from the list by unselecting the check box.

Manage contact tags

You can add tags to contact or delete them. To do this scroll to the Tags section on the right of the Lists section.

To add a tag click Add Tag. The following dialog will open.

You can select a tag from the drop-down list or add a new one. You also can delete already added tags by clicking on the cross on the right of each tag. After you finish editing tags click Save.

Manage Segments

You can see a list of segments to which contact belongs in the Segments section located under the Lists section.

Edit profile information

To edit contact profile information scroll to the Profile Information section located under the Segments section and click Edit Profile.

A dialog box in which you can edit the required fields will open. After editing click Save.

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