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how to reactivate a disabled contact

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In order to protect people's privacy and comply with email marketing regulations, every email sent through DirectIQ gives the recipient the possibility to unsubscribe from that list of emails.

When sending emails for various purposes we might get someone to unsubscribe accidentally and the contact gets disabled, in this case DirectIQ have automated the process and allows you to Send a Contact reactivation.

There are 2 contact reactivation methods: Automatic Contact Reactivation and Manual contact reactivation

Automatic Contact Reactivation

To ask for contact reactivation open the disabled contact and then click on the 3 dots on the right > Automatic Contact Reactivation. After clicking Automatic Contact Reactivation link, the customer receives an email from DirectIQ where is asked to reactivate the contact as below:

If the customer clicks on Accept then your contact gets reactivated and you will see the contact as Active or Subscribed on the contact view and can send emails again.

Manual Contact Reactivation

The manual contact reactivation Process allows you to ask your customer to send a request to be active in your lists again.

To ask a contact for a manual reactivation open the disabled contact and then click on the email on the left.

After clicking the email, you will be redirected to the Contact Details page.

Then you need to click on the Actions button on the right and then click Manual Contact Reactivation.

After that you need to select the language and then click the Create button.

Then the details you need to share with your customer will appear, these details will allow your customer to send a request for the activation.

Send these details to your customer via any communication method you like, once your contact will send an email to the specified email, with the specified subject, and from the same email address as the contact, the email of the contact will be activated in your list.

Note: For the re-activation to be successful All the information should be sent exactly as they are displayed.

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