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DirectIQ allows you to disable, remove from the list, and delete a single contact record. You can access contact management in two ways: from the List Details page or from the All Contacts page.

1. Open Contacts -> My Lists from the menu to see the list of contacts. To open the List Details page select the list and click on its name.

2. Open Contacts -> Overview from the menu. Click on the subscribed contacts link or on the disabled contacts link to go to the corresponding list of the contacts.

On the page with the list of contacts select the desired contact. Then click on the drop-down list icon at the end of the row to manage contact.


You can manually disable active contact. To do this first, click Disable in the drop-down menu. Then click Sure in the dialog box to confirm this action.

Read more about Subscribed And Disabled Contacts.

Remove From List

On the List Details page, you can remove some contacts from the selected list. To do this click Remove From List in the drop-down menu. Then click Sure in the dialog box to confirm the removal. It is important, that this action only excludes the contact from the list, but does not delete it.


To delete the contact from the system click Delete in the drop-down menu and confirm this action by clicking Sure in the confirmation dialog box.

Important! Delete action is permanent. You cannot restore the contact after you delete it.

After each action, the list of contacts will be automatically reloaded.

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