How to use flows to send automated emails

How to use flows to send automated email campaigns, including Shopify.

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With flows you can create an automatic management of your customer email engagements, through triggers actions and logic combined. To further facilitate the usage we have added pre-built flows that are ready to use making very small changes (i.e. Email campaign title or the address you will send from )

To break down the automation flow further let's dive into the key components of it and specify their functionality:


· Shopify trigger:

The Shopify trigger contains 3 trigger Properties:

Customer Created (in the event of a customer being created, you can add an action to send a welcome email. )

Order created (in the event of an order being created on your store, you add an action to send an email to your customer for the order confirmation)

Checkout Started (in the event of an order checkout started on your store, you add an action to send an email to your customer or add logic depending on the customer interaction)


· Delay - in the event of an order being created on your store but you want to wait an x amount of time before sending an email to your customer then you insert the delay action and specify how much time you need to wait before the next action (Email) executes.

· Email - The Email action allows you to choose a campaign name, a from email, and an email template to send after all conditions are applied.


· If/Else Condition - The If/Else Condition is always inserted after a trigger or after a “Delay” action as an ultimate goal to personalize the sending of the email after the customer triggers the conditions for sending it.

· If/Else conditions properties The If/Else conditions properties are:

Validation On: You need to select the trigger that will start the If/Else (Ex: Checkout started)

Validation Key: You need to specify the rules for the If/Else (Ex: The Contact Email, Is,

For example you have a list of customers from a certain domain that you want to offer discounts to, in this case an if/else logic will be needed where you will choose the Validation key: Contact Email and the if condition “Contain” “” this way you send an email to people whose email contains

Flows Gives you the freedom to anticipate all your customer interaction scenarios and create automations to engage with customers in a timely manner and make sure you respond to their activities

In the image above we have the pre-built flows we have created are a great kick start for every store basic interactions Like:

Order Confirmation


Abandoned Cart

Other than the pre-built flows you can customize and create personal flows adding actions and logic however it will better suit you.

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