How To Use Rich Text Editor

Baris Ergin
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Rich Text Editor is a WYSIWYG HTML editor, that utilizes table-based layouts and inline styles. This editor allows you to create and customize HTML email messages, that can be viewed by all up-to-date email clients and platforms. You can use it to create your template from scratch.

At the top of the editor is the toolbar, which contains grouped menu buttons.

The toolbar provides access to the most common WYSIWYG editing functions, including but not limited to:

  • Source: Displays the HTML document source code in a text editor, providing instant access for changes.

  • Working With The Document: Contains Open, Save, Print, Copy, Paste commands.

  • Editing: Includes Undo and Redo, Find and Replace, Select All, Remove Format, and more.

  • Components: This menu allows you to insert ready-made components into your template, such as form, text field, checkbox, button, etc.

  • Text Styling: Select the styling for your text including formatting, size, color, and alignment options.

  • Token: This drop-down menu displays the tags associated with your custom fields, allowing you to insert them into your message to dynamically display the field content.

  • Rich Text: Inserts rich text elements such as images, tables, links, special characters, and more.

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