How To Use Drag And Drop Editor

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With DirectIQ you can create professional email templates fast and easily without any programming knowledge. Just use our simple and intuitive Drag and Drop Editor.

To open it go to Templates -> Create Template and select the third tab Create From Scratch. Then click Drag'n Drop Editor.

Editor with the blank template will be opened. It consists of a control panel on the right side and an area for editing a template on the left side. There are three tabs on the control panel: Content, Structure and Settings.


This tab contains boxes with the content, that can be included in your template. For example, image, text, button, etc.


You need to use structure for creating a template structure, and then put content in them.

There are different types of structures, that can contain one or more kinds of content. You can also adjust the size of each content in a row.


This tab contains general email settings, such as content width and alignment, background color, font, etc.

Create a template structure

First of all, you need to create a template structure. To do this open the Structure tab, select row types you want to use, drag and drop them to the left of the screen.

If you select the row, then you can change its properties in the control panel. It is also possible to add up to four columns to the row or remove some of them.

When a row is selected, buttons for deleting and duplicating it appear in the upper right corner. You also can move rows up and down.

Filling the template with content

After a template structure is ready, go to the Content tab. Then select content from such types as text, image, button, divider, social, HTML, video, icons, drag and drop it in the rows inserted.

Click over the content to edit it and change its properties, the content properties tab apears. You can customize color, text, padding and other properties depending on the type of the content.

Preview and save the template

Once the template is ready you can preview it by clicking Preview on the top of the editor. In the preview mode, there is a possibility to switch between desktop and mobile mode to see how the template will be displayed both on a desktop and mobile.

To close preview mode click on the Back to editor button to the left of the mode switching buttons

For saving your template fill in Template Name and Subject and click Save at the top of the editor.

In the end, once all work is done click Save and Exit to close the editor.

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