How to use Subscription Form

How to use Subscription Form in your website

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Using a subscription form on your website is an effective way to capture leads and grow your email list for successful email marketing. To get started, you need to choose a reliable email marketing service provider, such as DirectIQ, that offers easy-to-use subscription forms with advanced features like double opt-in.

Next, create and customize the form to match your website's branding and design. Then, embed the form on your website in a prominent location and promote it to your audience through social media, email campaigns, and other marketing channels.

In this help guide we will go through an example website and use an already edited form.

See Editing a Subscription Form to learn how to edit and customize you subscription form.

Asuming you alredy created and edited your subscription form, Go to Contacts > Subscription Forms then click on the form name:

After you have clicked your form name you will see appearing a box with the form code :

You need to copy this code and embed it in your website by either selecting the code or simply clicking the small copy icon on the left side of the code box.

Note: We will do the implementation on a WordPress test website if you have a custom made website your webmaster or technical support might help you through this faze.

Go to your website and open the page you intend to insert your form into like in the image below.

Go to the page settings and insert a new html container where you will paste the code that you copied from the Subscription form:

After that all you have to do is save your changes and your form is ready and subscribers can use it to join your list:

Once your customer clicks on the Subscribe button All the fields (name, lastname, email, Etc.) will be saved on the list you specified within 5 Minutes from the submission.

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