Editing a Subscription Form

How to Edit and design your Subscription form to fit your needs

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We all know that an attractive presentation of your website will surely increase more traffic but everyone wants to convert that single visitor into a long time customer. This is done through subscription forms ( often integrated in the website ) but sometimes not adapted to fulfill the marketing needs.

DirectIQ Subscription forms Are Customizable and a powerful tool to keep your contact engaged, Especially through Email Marketing. Editing and designing a Subcription Form in DirectIQ is very easy:

First If you have not yet created a subscription form, Check Subscription forms Overview.

Then to edit the form, Go to Contacts > Subscription Forms then Click the pencil like in the image below:

The subscription form control panel has 3 main Editing Areas: Settings, Design And Fields.


On the settings page, as the name implies, you can edit the Subscription form Functionalities. Below we will list all the Settings and their functionalities:

Form Name : The name of the Subscription form

Domain Name : The Domain name where you will insert your form (EX: directiq.com )

Language : The language of the Subscription form

Op-in Type :

  • If you want the customer to sign up immediately (single opt-in).

  • If you want to send an email to the customer to confirm the registration (Double opt-in)

Lists : The list where the subscribes will be registered

Success Message : The Message displayed when the customer registers successfully

Error Message : The Message displayed when the customer registration is not successful

reCAPTCHA Key : If you want to use Google or other services reCAPTCHA Then this is where you insert the reCAPTCHA key


Form Type :

  • Inline : Every element of the form is displayed in one single line.

  • Horizontal : Every element of the form is displayed side by side.

  • Vertical : Every element of the form is displayed vertically one for each row.

Text Color: Choose the text color.

Show Label Text: Show/hide the label text

Show Placeholder Text: Show/hide the Placeholder text

Subscribe button text : Insert the text you want to see in the button (Subscribe, Join now)

Button Background Color : Change the Button Background Color

Button Text Color : Change the Button Text Color


Email : Enabled by default

First Name : Enabled by default

Last Name : Enabled by default

Custom Fields : These are the custom fields that are found in your account

Field Settings :

  • Place Holder (what do you want to show in the field as placeholder text )

  • Is Required (checked / unchecked) make a field required or not.

Once the subscription for has the desired design and composure you can save it by clicking the Save button and the form is ready to use.

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