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In order to see and manage all your templates go to Templates -> My Templates.

At the bottom of each template, under its name, there is a row of buttons with which you can manage the template.

Preview Template

To preview a template in a Browse Window click on the thumbnail image or on the preview icon (Magnifying Glass) in the bottom left corner of the template.

Edit Template

You can edit a template in Drag&Drop Editor or in Rich Text Editor depending on where you created it (under each template there is a label with information about how this template was created).

To open the editor click on the icon with a pencil under the template name or on Edit this template button in the preview window.

Mark Template as favorite

To quickly find the most used templates you can highlight them by marking them as favorites. To do it click on the heart icon under the template name. Then template will be added to the favorite list and the color of the heart icon will be changed to blue.

Delete Tags

Under each template, you can see a list of tags with which it is marked. It is possible to delete a tag by clicking on the cross at the right of the tag label.

Context menu actions

You can duplicate, archive, delete a template, and add tags to it. These actions are available from the context menu. Click on the menu button at the bottom right corner of the template to see a list of actions you can perform with this template.

Duplicate Template

To make a copy of the template do the following steps:

  1. Click Duplicate in the context menu.

  2. Enter a new template name in the dialog box that will open. The default name is "Original template name (copy)".

  3. Click Save.

An exact copy of the template will be created.

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Spam Doctor

Add a tag to Template

If you want to mark a template with tags click Add Tag in the context menu. In the dialog box select tags from the drop-down list or enter a new tag in the text field. Here you also can delete a tag by clicking on the cross at the right of the tag. When all tags are selected click Save.

Archive Template

There may be outdated templates on your list, that you are not currently using but do not want to remove. In that case, you can archive them. To do this click Archive in the context menu, then click Sure in the confirmation dialog. The template will be moved to the archive list.

Delete Template

WARNING: Deleting a template will permanently erase it from your DirectIQ account, along with any changes you made to the template. You will NOT be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the template. Archiving your template is recommended instead of deleting it.

To permanently delete a template click Delete in the context menu, then click Sure in the confirmation dialog.

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