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Baris Ergin
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If you already have ready-made email templates, you can easily load them into DirectIQ and not waste time re-creating them. Go to Templates -> Create Template and select Import Your Design tab.

Here you have to choose how you want to import a template. There are two options: Upload HTML Template or Paste HTML Code.

Step 1

Upload HTML Template

If you have chosen Upload HTML Template, then select a file with template. It can be a single HTML file or a Zip file, that contains HTML and images. Drop a file on a large box located in the middle of the page or choose it from your file system. After selecting a file you will automatically go to the next step.

Paste HTML Code

If you choose this option, the page with a large text editor will open. Insert HTML code of your template into it and click Ready? Go! in the bottom left corner of the page to go to the next step.

Step 2

In this step, you can preview the template at the bottom of the page. If it looks the way you want, fill in the template name and subject line, and click Save.

Then a new template will be added to your template list.

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