What Are Suppression Lists

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If some of your contacts have previously unsubscribed from some mailing list and you want to no longer send them any emails or for any other reason you want to exclude contacts from all mailings, you can create Suppression Lists with all such contacts. To do this go to Contacts -> Suppression Lists. On this page, you will see already created Suppression lists.

To create a new list click Add Suppression List in the top right corner. You can create a list in two ways: upload from a file or use copy-paste.

Upload Suppression List

Click Add Suppression List and select the first tab Upload Suppression List to upload it from the file. Then click on the large rectangle in the middle of the page or use drag and drop.

Important! Before uploading, check that the file format meets the system requirements. Read more about Accepted File Formats For Uploading Contacts.

After uploading the file, you will automatically go to the next step. You need to match the column name with loaded data. At the top of each column, select the required name from the drop-down list.

You can exclude some columns from contacts by selecting Ignore this field from the drop-down. After all the column headers are selected, click Continue in the bottom right corner.

After this, a new suppression list will be created.

Copy Paste Suppression List

In order to create a suppression list using copy-paste select the second tab Copy Paste Suppression List.

Paste your contacts in the text box and click Ready? Go!.

After that, you will go to the next step. You need to match the column name with loaded data exactly the same way as described above for uploading the suppression list. Then a new suppression list will be created.


Select the list you want to rename and click on the edit icon (icon with pencil) in the Action column. The following dialog box will open.

Enter a new name and click save.


Select the list you want to delete and click on the delete icon (icon with trash) in the Action column. Then click Sure in the confirmation dialog. The selected list will be deleted.

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