Managing Segments

Baris Ergin
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DirectIQ allows you to view/edit, rename, duplicate, and delete your segments. Go to Contacts -> Segments and select the second tab Saved Segments. Here is a list of all segments. You can manage any segment by clicking on its name.

View / Edit

Click View / Edit in the drop-down menu to see segment detail information. A new tab with a segment name will open. In this tab, there are all segment conditions and a list of all contacts included in the segment.

You also can edit or delete segment conditions and create a new one. Click Save Segment to save all changes you made. Then a dialog box for entering segment name will open. You can enter a new name or leave the old one.


Click Rename in the drop-down menu to change the segment name. In the dialog box enter a new name and click Save. Then the segment will be renamed.


If you want to create the same segment as already exists click Duplicate in the drop-down menu. The dialog box for creating a segment name will open. The default name is "Copy of - the name of the segment you want to duplicate", but you can change this name. Click Save after filling in the name and a new segment will be created.


You can remove a segment by clicking Delete in the drop-down menu. Then click Sure in the confirmation dialog, which will appear.

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