How To Write A Good Subject Line

Baris Ergin
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In marketing emails, the subject line matters a lot. It usually consists of a few words and contains the main meaning of the email. It is very important to choose the right subject line to keep your readers interested and to open the email.

Below are some rules for writing a good subject line.

  1. The subject line should be a short sentence. Reading a long subject line people can lose interest. Email clients also truncate long subjects, so all the most important words need to be written first.

  2. The subject line should be informative and contains the main meaning of the email. After reading the subject line, readers should understand what this email is about and why they should open it.

  3. Personalize the subject line. According to various studies, emails with the personalized subject line are opened more often.

  4. It is good to include keywords in the subject line.

  5. To attract more attention subject line can contain questions or a call to action.

  6. Do not include a lot of punctuation in the subject line. It is recommended to use no more than two or three of them.

If you are in doubt about which subject line to choose for your campaign, create A/B Campaign, test several subject lines, and choose a better one.

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