1. Create a Free DirectIQ Account

Go to Directiq.com and click on the Free Sign-up button as shown below:

Follow the signup steps to complete registration, starting with entering your work email and then choose a password. Once you complete all the steps, a verification email will be sent for you to confirm the email address.

2. Go To Upgrade Page

In order to redeem your coupon you have to upgrade the plan from Free to the Essential 2500 contacts. To do that hover your pointer on the settings icon then click My Plan as shown in the picture

3. Essential Plan Activation

Make sure to select Essential plan, the coupon is design to automatically assign the Essential plan 2500 contacts and send limit 15000 and cannot be applied to larger plans. Next click on the button “Click to Upgrade” to go to the payment page to redeem the coupon.

4. Claim Your Coupon Code

To claim your coupon insert the coupon in the coupon code field on the payment options page and click on validate. You should see the Special coupon prompt and click on the "Continue" button as shown in the pictures below.

Enter your credit card details which are needed for future upgrades, invoices and system related information then confirm that the price discount on the right side of the payment window is applied.

You will not be charged anything as your coupon covers 2 years of 2500 contacts Essential plan.

5. Completing Upgrade Process

After you have verified the sum total and your credit card information, to click the Purchase button to complete the activation successfully.

Note: You can contact our support team via chat or via email on support@directiq.com.

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