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How To Review Hard Bounces
How To Review Hard Bounces
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When an email message cannot be delivered, a non-delivery report/receipt (NRD) or 'Bounce Message' is typically sent to the sender. This is usually the result of an inactive or invalid email address. Because high bounce rates in email campaigns are typically associated with fraudulent activity, contacts using an email address that result in a bounce message are marked as 'Disabled', and those contacts cannot be used in future campaigns until their status is updated to 'Active' in the Contact Details page.

You can proactively reduce your bounce rate by using a double opt-in for new subscribers, sending test messages to suspicious addresses, and using our list cleaning service to vet lists before they are used in campaigns. Use this report to view email addresses that have received a hard bounce and determine appropriate action.

Go to Campaigns -> Campaigns List, select the campaign that has already been sent and click Reports at the right of the campaign card.

An Overview page with campaign detailed information open. Click Bounces at the top of the page to see a hard bounce report.

Here you can review bounces by categories depending on the returned error message and all contacts who have not received the email.

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