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Campaigns Overview
Campaigns Overview
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DirectIQ allows you to send information about your marketing campaigns to a specific group of contacts. You can create three types of marketing campaigns: Regular, A/B, and Automation.

In order to see the list of campaigns you have created go to Campaigns -> Campaigns List.

There are the following lists:

  • All - all your active campaigns.

  • Draft/Paused - campaigns, that you have not finished creating or suspended.

  • Sent - already sent campaigns.

  • Scheduled - campaigns, that have not been sent yet, but with a configured schedule of sending.

  • Running - campaigns, that have started to be sent but have not yet finished.

  • Archived - deprecated campaigns, that are not used now.

On the Campaigns List page, you also can manage campaigns, view their type and status, check the performance of sent campaigns.

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