To improve email delivery performance, we strongly recommend adding 4 DNS entries to your sending domain's DNS server. With these settings in place, you'll increase your chance of hitting the inbox, and avoiding spam categorization.

Here are the steps to follow:

My Account > Connected Domains

Connected Domains > Add New Domain

Domain Name > Your web site domain here: (Ex:

Domain Name > Start > The next page will show you your custom DNS settings for the entered domain name. You need to enter these settings in your hosting provider or domain host.

If you don't have access to your domain control panel, or you don't feel comfortable doing these settings, contact customer support of your hosting provider.

Once you set these settings in your domain panel, click the Authenticate button to verify them. The red markers left of each of the settings will switch to green once the settings are verified.

DNS changes may take up to 24 hours, so, you may have to wait before authenticating. You can leave this page, and come back later to authenticate.

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