Another way to maximize the effectiveness of a campaign is to send a follow-up message. The Scenario Campaign page allows you to create a standard campaign with your first email, then select a scenario that sends a second follow-up email if the contact opens or clicks within the first message.

Go to CAMPAIGNS -> Start a Scenario Campaign in your account:

Step 1

  1. Name your campaign;
  2. Choose a scenario for your campaign and the time you would like your second email to be sent to your subscribers 
  3. and the time when you would like your second email to be sent to your subscribers;
  4. Select an email template for your first email;
  5. Fill in a subject line for it;
  6. Choose a template for the second email;
  7. Type in a subject line for the second email.
  8. Click on CONTINUE.

Step 2

On this step select one or more contact lists to which a scenario campaign will be sent.

Step 3

Now set such final details as Sender Address (1), Sender Name (2), Footer Language (3) and choose whether to send your campaign immediately or schedule to a later date (4). Press CONTINUE once ready.

Step 4

On the last step please review all the details and if confirmed click on CREATE THE CAMPAIGN to start your scenario campaign.

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