Want to create a standard campaign, but have different audiences or objectives and can't decide on a subject line? Create a split (A/B) campaign which allows you to use the same template and contact lists, but split the recipients equally into two groups which will receive one of two subject lines that you specify while setting up your campaign. 

To create it Go to CAMPAIGNS -> Start a Split (A/B) Campaign in your account:

Step 1

  1. Name your campaign;
  2. Choose an email template;
  3. Specify a Subject Line A.
  4. Specify a Subject Line B.

Once done, click on CONTINUE to move to the next step.

Step 2

On this step select one or more contact lists to which a Split Campaign will be sent.

Step 3

Now set such final details as Sender Address (1), Sender Name (2), Footer Language (3) and choose whether to send your campaign immediately or schedule to a later date (4). Press CONTINUE once ready.

Step 4

On the last step please review all the details and if confirmed click on CREATE THE CAMPAIGN to start your Split (A/B) Campaign.

You can also configure a follow-up scenario based on the actions taken by your readers.

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