You've imported and refined your contact lists, and created eye-catching templates designed to entice your readers to action. Now it's time to create your campaign! Set the name and subject line, select the template, choose and tailor your contact lists for the campaign, and determine the final details before scheduling and confirming the campaign launch.

To create a campaign go to CAMPAIGNS -> Start a Campaign tab.

Step 1

  1. Name your campaign.
  2. Select a template.
  3. Specify a subject line for your campaign.
  4. Click on CONTINUE to move to the Step 2.

Step 2

Here you should select one or more contact lists (1) and then click on Add This List (2). Once done, press Continue to proceed.

Step 3

Now set such final details as Sender Address (1), Sender Name (2), Footer Language (3) and choose whether to send your campaign immediately or schedule to a later date (4).  Sender Address and Sender Name are very important and should be recognizable, so your subscribers are more likely open your campaign. Please note that we do not recommend using a webmail address (@Hotmail, @Live, @Gmail, etc...) as a Sender Address for performance as it may cause some delivery problems.

Step 4

Please review all the details and everything is correct click on CREATE THE CAMPAIGN to start sending.

You can also test subject lines using a split (A/B) campaign, or configure a follow-up scenario depending on the actions taken by your readers.

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