Have you ever been dreaming of automating the email marketing process? If yes, we have a very good news for you! Meet our new Automation feature that will do it for you. With this great feature you can design your own email sequences and send campaigns to your users at the right time.

Follow these easy steps to set up your automation:

  1. Go to Campaigns -> Automation -> Add Automation.

2. In a popup window name your automation, choose Sender Address, From Name, select a list you want to send the emails to and click NEXT.

3. The next step is to set up a trigger(1), schedule(2) and select a template(3) for the first email.

(1) Edit Trigger. Choose Signup as a trigger and the first email will be sent to the existing contacts in your list and to the new users when subscribe for your list.

(2) Select Template. Choose your template here.

(3) Edit Schedule. Set up a schedule for your email to be sent.

4. If you want to send a sequence of emails, add the next one by clicking ADD EMAIL.

5. Starting with the second email, you will be able to choose more advanced triggers. Set a time when your email should be sent and then click DONE.

Remember, that each next email sent will depend on the trigger set up for the previous email. For example, Email1 should be sent to the whole contact list, Email2 has a trigger Previous email opened and Email3 with trigger Previous email clicked. This means that Email2 will be sent to those users who opened Email1, and Email3 will receive only the recipients who clicked Email2.

6. When you are ready with all the emails, clicking FINISH SETTINGS will start sending the automation.

You'll see the warning telling that you'll not be able to edit these settings once you finish them.

After you finished the settings you can start a new automation(1), stop the existing one(3) or view its details(2).

In a view mode you'll see the statistics data on those you opened, clicked, unsubscribed, etc.

Clicking the number, it will bring you to the page with more detailed information.

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