In addition to the customization basic and themed templates offered, you can create your own template using our Friendly Editor or utilize a template you've created elsewhere by uploading the files or pasting the code.

Under the Email Templates tab, go to the Create a Template page and select the Custom tab.

This page includes:

  • Using the WYSIWYG Friendly Editor
  • Uploading Your Template Files
  • Copy and Pasting Your HTML Code

Using the WYSIWYG Friendly Editor

To use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Friendly Editor click the Friendly Editor section under the Custom tag. This will open Friendly Editor with an empty editing pane, allowing you to start with a blank slate and custom create your template using the toolbar functions.

See also Using Friendly Editor With Your Template.

Uploading Your Template Files

If you have an existing email template that you would like to use with DirectIQ, click the Upload Template section under Custom. This will open a page that allows you to upload either a ZIP file (HTML+images) or a single HTML. Click Browse File to start an uploading.

In STEP 2 name your template and a subject line and click SAVE.

You will see the notification that your template was successfully saved to your library.

Now you can find it under the My Templates tab.

Copy and Pasting Your HTML Code

Clicking the Copy and Paste section in the Code your own page will bring up a simplified version of the Friendly Editor, where you can paste HTML code you've created elsewhere and save it to your My Templates library. Name your template and a subject line, paste your HTML code and click SAVE to continue.

Once done a green notification will appear saying your template was saved to your library.

To see your newly created template please go to the EMAIL TEMPLATES -> My templates tab.

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