Friendly Editor is a WYSIWYG HTML editor that utilizes table-based layouts and inline styles to create and customize HTML email messages that can be viewed by all up-to-date email clients and platforms.

Custom tailor your template to campaigns and subscribers by either starting with one of our wide variety of themed email templates, or coding your own. When finished, the templates are saved to the My Templates library for later use.

  1. Template Name: The template name as it will appear in the My Templates library.
  2. Subject Line: The subject line as it will appear in the email message to your subscribers.
  3. Back and Save Buttons:
  • < Back : Returns you to the Themes tab in the Create a Template page.
  • Save > : Saves the displayed template to your My Templates library.

    4. Toolbar: Containing grouped menu buttons, the toolbar provides access to the              most common WYSIWYG editing functions, including but not limited to:

  • Source: Displays the HTML document source code in a text editor, providing instant access for changes.
  • Rich Text: Inserts rich text elements such as images, tables, links, special characters, and more.
  • Editing: Includes pasting from different sources, Find and Replace, Select All, Remove Format, and more.
  • Dynamic Tags: This drop down menu displays the tags associated with your custom fields, allowing you to insert them into your message to dynamic display the field content.
  • Text Styling: Select the styling for your text including formatting, size, color, and alignment options.

       5. Editing Pane: Displays the message for editing images, elements, and text.

       6. Context Menu: Right-clicking on an element in the Editing pane will display a                 context menu providing properties and editable options for the element.

       7. Elements Path: Displays information about the HTML elements selected in the               Editing pane.

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