DirectIQ has a wide selection of themed templates that marketers can choose from to match their intended audience, with additional options based on email message types and color schemes. Once selected, templates can be changed and saved to your My Templates library using our easy-to-use WYSIWYG Friendly Editor.

  1. Under the Email Templates tab, go to the Create a Template page and select the Free Templates tab.
  2. Navigate the available themes via the following methods:

3. Find the theme you are looking for among the available options. DirectIQ has                themes for all the major email marketing categories including Travel, Food,                    Technology, E-Card, Pets, Shoes, Events, and many more.

  • NOTE: If you don't see a theme that should be included, let us know in our Help Center and also check back, templates are added on a regular basis.

4. Once you find a theme, select your color scheme. Theme templates come in a              range of colors. If you don't see a color scheme you like, you can adjust the colors        in the Friendly Editor.

5. Double-click on the themed template to make your changes in the Friendly Editor        and save it to your My Templates library.

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