Moxie Manager is used for managing template images in DirectIQ, allowing you to upload and edit image files directly into your account and use them with your email templates via our Friendly Editor or using your HTML tool of choice.

This page includes:

  1. Image Library
  2. Folder Navigation
  3. Image Management
  4. Image Editing

Image Library

The top toolbar allows you to create new folders, upload images, select viewing options for your template image library.

  1. Creating Folders: Creates a new folder that you can name in the current directory. To change the current folder, use MyFiles in the Navigation pane.
  2. Uploading Files: Opens an Upload dialog box. Browse and select the files on your PC, and click Add Files or drag and drop them into the dialog box. Click Upload again to upload the files to the current folder.
  3. Refresh File Lists: Refreshes the file lists in the MyFiles pane to display recent changes.
  4. Displaying Files: View the file lists in the MyFiles pane by either lists or thumbnails.
  • List View: Displays the files in a detailed list view.
  • Thumbnail View: Displays the files using thumbnail images.

       5. Sorting List Views: Select how you want your files sorted in the navigation                    pane. List View needs to be selected for this to be effective.

  • Name: Sorts files by their file name in alphabetical order.
  • Size: Sorts files by their file size.
  • Type: Sorts files by their file type and extension, in alphabetical order.
  • Modification date: Sorts files by the last time they were modified.

          6. Search Files: Search for uploaded files by their full or partial file name.

Folder Navigation

The folder navigation pane allows you to navigate the directory structure, and view all uploaded files (1) by their favorite (2), history (3), or uploaded status (4).

Image Management

Manage options come up by either selecting the image or folder and clicking the Manage menu at the top, or right-clicking on the image or folder. This menu allows you to manage the selected item by editing, viewing properties, renaming, adding to Favorites, or removing it altogether. Some options such as view can be used on multiple items by placing a check mark in the lower right corner to select them.

Image Editing

Selecting Edit from the Manage menu brings up the image in the Moxie Image Editor, where you can alter or filter the image using a number of options before saving the image as a new file or to replace the existing image.


Clicking on any of the editing options in the left-side pane will display the option toolbar at the top. Make your changes with the slidebar, buttons, or text fields as needed, and click Apply.

The original toolbar will appear allowing you to save the image, revert to the original, undo a previous change, or redo a previous change.

Clicking Save gives you the option to save the image as a new file, or replace the existing file. Click Save again on the right to make your change. If you keep the file name the same, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to overwrite the existing file.

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