Sometimes there is a need to save a template to your device. There is no option in your account to export a template directly to your computer, but there are a few easy steps following which will allow you to do it:

  1. Open a template you would like to save in a Friendly Editor: Email Templates (1) -> My Templates (2) -> Click the Edit icon (3) next to a template.

2. Click Source on the top left bar in Friendly Editor.

3. Copy html code here.

4. Now you should paste it to the editor and save a file in .html format.

We would recommend you to use a Sublime Text 3 editor, because in comparison to Word, it doesn’t add extra symbols to the code. It is free for download. You can download a Sublime Text 3 from their official website here:

Now you have a template saved on your computer and can use or import it to the system in the future.

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