Creating email templates has never been easier!

With our new Drag & Drop editor you can easily design professional looking emails without any technical knowledge.

To start working with the new editor, go to Email Templates section -> Create a Template -> Drag & Drop Editor. 

Here you will see a few predesigned templates (Simple, Basic Standard, Basic One Column, etc.) where you can change the content with your own. To do this, just select the block you would like to edit.

To create your own design with a Simple editor, just open a Blank template and start from the scratch.


First of all you need to create a structure of your future template. Click on the STRUCTURE tab on the right-hand side, select a structure item and drag&drop it to the left-hand part of a template.


Once you're ready with the structure, let's decide on what a content it will contain.

For this, select CONTENT on the right-hand bar and you will see there are such content items like text, image, button, divider and social. The principle is the same: you just have to pick the item, and drag&drop it to the certain structure box.

When the content is selected, you can edit it and change it's properties in the content properties tab.

If you would like to change the localization of an object in a block, you just need to scroll down the CONTENT PROPERTIES and find BLOCK OPTIONS. Make sure that you have 'More options' switched-on.


A new window with the File Manager will open. Here you can find three options: Upload(1) - upload a picture from your device, Import(2) - import an image from the Internet resource and Search free photos(3) - free high-quality images from more than 500,000 stock photos.

Once the image is chosen, click Insert icon next to it and it will be placed into your template.

Preview and Template Test

When you are ready with a template, do not forget to save it and fill in the Template Name and Subject Line fields. You can also preview a template, by clicking PREVIEW option on a top bar.

Here in a preview mode you can see how your template will be displayed both on a desktop and mobile.

With a template test option you'll be able to send yourself a test email. Just choose SEND(1) on a top panel, enter your test email address(2) and click SUBMIT(3).

Hope you will love working with the Simple Drag&Drop editor like we do!

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