If you want to create a new list or add to an existing one with a small number of contacts, it may be faster to enter them one by one into a form designed specifically for that purpose.

To do this please go to CONTACT LISTS (1) -> Add Contacts (2) -> Add 1 by 1 option (3)

Start typing in your contacts one by one:

Once all the contacts are added push CLICK TO FINISH button:

On the next page you will be able to either save the contacts to a new list or to an existing one:

NOTE: During the upload process, all duplicate and invalid email addresses (such as those containing typos and syntax errors) are automatically eliminated. To see a list of the eliminated addresses, click the Invalid Contacts links in the confirmation text at the top of the page.

The newly added list will be added to the My Lists page used to manage your lists in the Contact Lists tab, and a confirmation will appear in the top banner.

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