Clicking a list name in the My Lists page displays the list contacts in the Manage a List page with options for displaying and updating contact fields as well as linking to the list subscription form.

The subscription form icon located at the top bar of the contacts table links to the DirectIQ hosted form for that list. See also Using Subscription Forms with Your Lists.

Exporting to Excel

To export the displayed list to your computer in Microsoft Excel format, click Export to Excel displayed in the upper-left corner of the contacts table.

Viewing and Filtering my Column Fields

Viewing Column Fields

Contact fields are displayed in table columns, with a few initial defaults such as Email and First Name. To add more columns, click Select Columns in the upper-left corner and choose the fields you want added to the table.

Filtering Column Fields

  1. At the the top of the field column, enter the field variable in the text box.
  2. Next to the field parameter, click the down arrow to select the field parameter such as Contains.

In this example, we are filtering by email addresses containing Test in a First Name field. 

Editing and Deleting Contacts

Editing Contacts

  1. At the end of the contact row, click Edit.
  2. In the Edit window, update the contact fields as needed. The exceptions are the Email Address and Date Added, which can not be modified, and the contact status (Active=Yes/No) which is updated in the Contact Details page.

Deleting Contacts

  1. At the end of the contact row, click Delete.
  2. When prompted to confirm that you want to deleted the record, click Yes.
  • WARNING - This action is permanent.

Viewing Contact Details

Clicking on Details at the end of the contact row will bring up the Contact Details page where you can edit or delete the contact, change the contact status, and add or remove the contact from lists. See also Managing Contact Details.

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