In addition to uploading contact files, you can simply cut and paste up to 200 contacts into our page to create a new manageable list.

  1. In the Contact Lists tab, click Add Contacts.
  2. Under Select the way you want to create your contact list, click Copy & Paste.
  3. Open your text or Microsoft Excel file, and verify that the format is correct:
  • Text (TXT) Files: One contact per line, starting with email address, with each field separated by commas.
  • Microsoft Excel (XLS) Files: One contact per row, starting with email address, which each column containing separate field data.

In the Add Contacts to a List by Copy & Paste page, copy and paste your contacts into the large text field, making sure that each line has one email address. Additional information for each contact should be added to the same line, separated by commas.

Click Continue >.

In Step 2, match the columns to the data they contain using the column drop-down menus marked Please select at the top and a random selection of rows from your list as reference.

Default selections available for your primary columns are Email, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birth Date, and City.

To create a new field name for the column, click the column menu and select Add New Field. In the Name your new field window, enter the new name and click Add.

To specify columns that should not be included in the final list by clicking the column menu and select Ignore This Field.

Click Continue.

In Add Contacts to a List by Copy & Paste , choose whether you want to use the copied contacts to create a new list, or add to an existing list.

  • Save as a New List: Enter the name of the new list, and click Save To New >.
  • Add to an Existing List: Select an existing list from the drop-down options, and click Save To Existing >.

NOTE: During the upload process, all duplicate and invalid email addresses (such as those containing typos and syntax errors) are automatically eliminated. To see a list of the eliminated addresses, click the Invalid Contacts links in the confirmation text at the top of the page.

The newly added list will be added to the My Lists page used to manage your lists in the Contact Lists tab, and a confirmation will appear in the top banner.

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