Custom fields in contacts are what allows marketers to target campaigns and run reports based on specific contact characteristics. These fields are typically defined during the creation of the subscription forms used to gather contacts, but can also be assigned while uploading contacts via text or Microsoft Excel files, cut and paste, or 3rd party services.

The Custom Fields page lists all the custom fields across your contact lists, and allows you to manage them as well as provides the information necessary to reference the fields in email templates and display the field in subscription or contact information forms. To find this page please go to CONTACT LISTS -> Custom Fields

  1. Field Name: Lists the field names used across all the lists in your My List library.
  2. Tag: Lists the content tags that can be used to dynamically insert the associated field names in the list you're using in a given email template.
  3. Type: Fixed fields are standard in DirectIQ, and include defaults like email, first name, city, and so forth. Custom fields are created by marketers to define and target additional information outside of the standard contact information
  4. Public: Subscription and Contact Information forms created in DirectIQ display form fields based on your list fields. Some are added by default like email and first name, but others can either be added or excluded by selecting the Show checkbox.
  5. Rename: Allows users to rename the custom field. 
  6.  Delete Button: To delete a custom field, select the radio button in the first column and click Delete.
  7. New: Created a new custom field with an associated tag.
  • NOTE: Only fields identified as CUSTOM in the Type column can be deleted
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