When a recipient clicks the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of email campaign message, the email address is added to your suppression list that prevents future email campaigns from using that address. This not only ensures that the given list is made up of interested and engaged subscribers, but reduces the possibility of messages from your list or any DirectIQ account from being seen as 'spam'.

Unlike those in 'passive' status, once a contact has been added to the Suppression List, it can not be reactivated and used to send email. If an email address has been added to the suppression list by mistake, it must be added back to the list either by resubscribing or by manually adding it back in. In addition to the 'Unsubscribe' link, email addresses can be manually added individually or by uploading list files. 

Suppression List can be found here: CONTACT LISTS -> Suppression List

  1. Download as Microsoft Excel: Downloads your suppression list in Microsoft Excel format.
  2. Add Email Addresses: Cut and paste up to 200 contacts to add to your suppression list.
  3. Search: Performs a search in your suppression list for email addresses or date added.
  4. Upload Files: Upload a text (TXT) or Microsoft Excel (XLS) file containing contacts from your computer to the suppression list.
  5. Delete: Remove the contact from suppression list.
  6. Delete All: Eliminate all the addresses in your suppression list by clicking Delete All.
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