If an email message can not be delivered because the address is invalid, a Non-Delivery Report/Receipt (NDR) is sent to the sender. This is also known as a 'Bounce Message', and old or inactive email addresses in contacts can lead to high bounce rates in email campaigns. Because high bounce rates are associated with fraudulent activity, it is crucial that you ensure your lists are comprised of valid email addresses.

Using DirectIQ's list cleaning service, marketers can verify the addresses in their lists before uploading them for use in a campaign. Upload a list in text (TXT) or Microsoft Excel (XLS) format to see what percentage of contacts are estimated to bounce, with an option to purge those contacts prior to uploading them.

In the window that will appear match the columns and click Continue.

Once the list is processed you will the following option will be available:

  • Start: If you want to purge the suspect email addresses, click Start and a List Cleaning Payment window will appear with the number of contacts and the cost of cleaning. Click Start Cleaning.
  • Delete: If the Bounce Estimate is too high, you can delete the list altogether by clicking Delete.

If you click Start Cleaning, the list will be processed and a list row will appear updated with options to either create a list with the cleaned contacts or download the list to your computer.

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