To create a campaign, you will have to add the contacts to your account first. You can add them by uploading an Excel or Text file, Copy & Paste, Adding them one-by-one or by creating an AutoList.

AutoList is a contact list which is accumulated by connecting to another platform, like Shopify, or email service, like Gmail, and synchronizing the contact data.

In this article you will see how to easily create an AutoList from Gmail.

1. Go to Contact Lists -> AutoList.
2. Select Gmail under Connect With Email Services.

3. Enter your email address or phone number and click NEXT.


4. Click ALLOW to confirm that DirectIQ can view your contacts.


5. Choose if either to create a new contact list or to save the contacts into already existing one.

6. You will see the notification that synchronization has been scheduled and will start soon.

7. Once done, the new list will be created (or contacts will be added to the existing contact list). By default, the name of a new list is Gmail AutoList (AutoList), so you will easily find it in case you have multiple contact lists.

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